Lab 1: Workflow, Thonny and Python

As part of the lab today, we'll give you some time to work on part of this week's exercises which will introduce you to the turtle and wavesynth libraries for drawing pictures and creating songs.

First, use the link in the previous sentence to go to the exercises page for this week, and click on the link there to download a zip file. Since you are working on a lab computer, you will not have a cs111 directory; just unzip the folder onto your Desktop for now. Inside, you will find a file, which you can open with Thonny and then run to access the notebook. Go ahead and open the B_ex_lab_multimedia.ipynb notebook in that folder, and work on the exercises that are in that notebook.

What's Next?

Once you're done with the lab exercises, you should move on to the next part of today's lab.

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