Grade Calculation

In CS111, students complete the following components: 1) exercises, 2) projects, 3) quizzes, 4) midterms, and 5) the final exam.

In order to earn credit for this class, both the criteria below must be met:

If you meet both of the above criteria, you will earn credit for this class. If you meet only one of the above criteria, you will not earn credit for this class.

There are two notes associated with calculating your exam average:

CS230 Recommendation

The CS111 team of instructors will give a recommendation of whether a CS111 student is prepared to take CS230 immediately after CS111, or if the student would benefit from taking another CS class prior to enrolling in CS230.

In order to get a positive recommendation to take CS230 immediately after CS111, all of the following criteria must be met:

If the above criteria are not met by the end of the course, the CS111 student will not be recommended to take CS230 directly after CS111.

The CS111 team will give each student a recommendation for a subsequent CS class. We are offering CS200 (intended as a bridge course between CS111 and CS230), CS230P (lecture + labs + more practice), CS230 (lecture + labs), and CS230X (no labs). For those who do not meet the thresholds above but who are close (specifically, who have project & exercise scores >= 75% and who have quiz and exam scores each >= 70%) will be recommended for CS230P (but may wish to take CS200 or another preparatory class instead). Anyone else will not be recommended for CS230, and should consider taking CS200 or another class before taking CS230 (this course dependencies diagram shows which courses you can take after completing CS 111).

During the registration period for the following semester, an estimate based on your current scores will be used for a preliminary recommendation, but that recommendation can change depending on your status at the end of the course. In particular, if you register for next semester's CS230 or CS 230P based on a positive preliminary recommendation, but do not satisfy the recommendation criteria at the end of the course, your registration for CS230 or CS230P will be revoked.