Presentations in class

In the last 30 minutes of the class meeting, we will hold the presentations related to Task 3 of PS02, Impacts of Computational Technology.

All presentations should have been uploaded to the shared Google folder before the class meeting.

Presentations will follow the number of the groups: 1, 2, 3, etc. As a reminder, here are the group formations:

  1. Section 01 (Prof. Davis)
  2. Section 02 (Prof. Anderson)
  3. Section 03 (Prof. Mustafaraj)
  4. Section 04 (Prof. Turbak)

Lecture: Abstracting with Functions




To supplement the suggested readings, we're producing some audio segments each week that cover high-level concepts and give advice about how to approach things.

You can access the material on functions here.


Click on this link to download the .zip file to your computer.

Solutions (for after class)

Use these sample solutions for review only after you have completed the code exercises. You will learn much more by trying them first and comparing your approach with the solutions.

I have made a genuine effort to complete the code exercises. Show me the solutions.