Project 3 - Due Tue Sep 26 at 23:00


  1. Slides and notebooks from Lec 3/4/5.
  2. Problems and solutions from Lab 2 and Lab 3.
  3. Turtle reference documentation or wavesynth reference documentation.
  4. Think Python, Chapter 3 covers functions, and Think Python, Chapter 6 covers fruitful functions, although sections 6.4 through 6.6 are material that we'll cover later.
  5. If you prefer an audio format, our podcast The Path to Programming has an episode for this week on Defining Functions.


The instructions for each task:

About this Project

These tasks will give you more practice with custom functions, including fruitful functions which use turtle or wavesynth.

You must do timeProfiler, and then you can choose to do either treeTops or highNotes depending on whether you want to work with graphics or audio. Both are complex, but treeTops may be a bit easier to figure out overall.

If you want to find a partner to work with for this project, use this Google Sheet to do so.


Time Estimate

Our per-task estimate for this project is 2-4 hours, plus up to an hour of reading.

How to turn in this Project