Making Art with Turtle Recursion


We will have Dr. Johanna Okerlund visit our class again today, this time she will show us how to use TurtleStitch to create designs that can be used for digital embroidery. During lab sessions (and outside of them), you will make use of our digital embroidery machine to make physical artifacts from your code.

In order to prepare for the session, here is what we recommend you do:

  1. Watch these two short videos: a) Learn to code with textiles b) Getting started with TurtleStich

  2. Go to and practice running some simple code (for example, what was shown on the video that you watched).

  3. Go over the slides (see below) to learn about recursion with turtles. Recursive functions can create very interesting patterns.

  4. Download the notebook link and walk through it to see the kind of patterns that the turtle can create. (Solutions are provided at the end of this page.)

  5. Try to do write the code for one of the simple patterns in the lecture slides / notebooks on TurtleStitch, so that you can ask questions in class.


This version is too long, don't print it.


Click on the link to download the .zip file to your computer. The unzipped folder contains the notebook for lecture activities.


I have made a genuine effort to complete the code exercises. Show me the solutions.