Lecture: Course Overview & Big Ideas


PDF files of the lecture slides:

These slides are the primary "textbook" of the course. Relevant slides will always be posted ahead of the corresponding class meeting.


There are no readings for the first class. In general though, you should do all the reading before the class. Even a surface understanding of the day's topics before class can make a big difference in your learning.


Click on this lec01_course_intro.zip link to download a .zip file to your computer. Extract the downloaded lec01_course_intro.zip file (usually an option in the right-click or option-click menu; let us know if you need help with this) to reveal a folder with a few files we will use during lecture. Note that some computers may automatically unzip the file after you download it, and some may show you the files without actually extracting them if you double-click it.

In order to run lecture code during class (or on your own computer) you will need to open the launchNotebook.py file included in the zip using Thonny, and then run it. Running that file should launch two windows in your web browser, one allowing you to select and open other notebook files (extension ".ipynb") and another with the lecture notebook open already. If you have trouble with this process, ask an instructor for help.

Here is a description of the content of the files in this folder:

Solutions (for after class)

Use these sample solutions for review only after you have completed the code exercises. You will learn much more by trying them first and comparing your approach with the solutions.

I have made a genuine effort to complete the code exercises. Show me the solutions.