Connection Topics


Connection topics is an umbrella term that refers to a set of activities, which will allow us to cover one of the big ideas of the course, interdependence, the idea that computational technology should be in service of human flourishing.

While technology is often regarded as a good thing for society, its adoption often causes problems that need to be addressed. In this semester, our discussions will highlight the remarkable work of women researchers, who have helped shape our understanding of technology's impacts on society.

The activities in a connection topic include:

Connection Topic 2: Technological Surveillance

In this topic, we will discuss the work of Dr. Ruha Benjamin, a Professor of African American Studies at Princeton University.

You will watch and take notes from this invited lecture that Dr. Benjamin gave at Wellesley College in 2022.

2022 MLK Memorial Lecture by Dr. Benjamin [Requires Wellesley credentials. The first 15 minutes are wait-time, skip them.]

Questions about this material will appear in these quizzes: Quiz 11 pretake, Quiz 11 Regular, Quiz 11 Retake.

A discussion about the topic will happen in class on May 2nd, 2022.

Optional materials