Lecture: Conditionals


A PDF file of the lecture slides handout on Conditionals.

Optional Slides

We have briefly discussed local and global variables. If you are interested in learning more about them, read this (short) deck of slides.

Handout on local and global variables.

Connection Articles

Read the news article associated with today's date (one article only). There will be some warm-up questions about it in lecture using Plickers.


Think Python, Ch. 5: Conditionals [Sections 5.1 - 5.7].


Click on this lec_conditionals.zip link to download the .zip file to your computer. The unzipped folder contains the notebook for lecture activities.

Solutions (for after class)

Use these sample solutions for review only after you have completed the code exercises. You will learn much more by trying them first and comparing your approach with the solutions.

I have made a genuine effort to complete the code exercises. Show me the solutions.