Instructors & Tutors

Feel free to come see any of the instructors during our office hours listed below, or any of the TAs during drop-in hours.


Fall 2021 CS111 Instructors
E N I    C A R O L Y N        S O H I E
M u s t a f a r a j    A n d e r s o n    L e e     
O F F I C E : SCI-E112 SCI-??? SCI-E112
E M A I L : eni.mustafaraj carolyn.anderson slee
A N D Y P E T E R         L Y N
D a v i s            M a w h o r t e r     T u r b a k     
O F F I C E : SCI-E116 SCI-E114 SCI-E122
E M A I L : adavis15 pmawhort fturbak

Please click here to see cs111 office hours calendar

Faculty meetings and seminars sometimes conflict with our scheduled office hours. We will keep you informed via the cs111 piazza group about changes in our schedules, and update the drop-in hours.

All emails listed above are addresses.

Our team of CS111 Tutors

Fall 2021 tutor photos, including Francesca, Audrea, Alana, Tessy, Olivia, Jyontika, Caitlyn, Heeba and Angel