Lecture 14: Nested Loops


A PDF file of the lecture slides handout.


Think Python, Ch. 9: Iteration.


Click on this lec_iteration2.zip link to download the .zip file to your computer.


The videos for this lecture focus on different parts of the notebook (not every part of the notebook has a video). You can use the links below to watch the videos on YouTube or download them as .mp4 files. There's also a YouTube Playlist with all of the lecture videos on it (and that channel is where we'll post all lecture and lab videos for the class). For the captions links below, you may have to right-click and "save-as;" if you put the .sbv file in the same directory as the .mp4 video file most video players should be able to load the captions automatically.


HTML solutions for the notebook.

lec_iteration2_solns.zip link