Course Policies

Tutor Policy

Tutors for this course are available to help you figure out the sticky parts of programming. They should help you polish your debugging skills and help spot tricky situations when you're stuck on an assignment. To ensure that your time and the tutor’s time efficiently, we have drafted the following policy that you should follow while interacting with tutors:

No laptops in class

During lecture and lab, students will use the computers in the classroom (no laptops). The classroom Macs have larger screens and consistent hardware/software configurations that support a collaborative classroom environment.

Lectures, Notebooks and Slides

If your lecturer does not cover the entire notebook and slides in class, it is the student's responsibility to go over the remaining material and bring any questions to the start of the next class. PDF slides will be provided for each lecture (linked on the Schedule), and it is expected that students will review the slides prior to class.

Lowest Score Drop Policy for Pset, Quizzes and Reflections

For each of the grading categories quiz, reflection, and problem set coding, the lowest grade in that category will be dropped.

Quiz Make-Up Policy

You can make up for a missed quiz in certain circumstances (described below) at most three times in the semester.

Note that students with extenuating circumstances such as illness may alternatively contact the instructors for more flexibility with support from their class dean.

Quiz Retake Policy

If a student scores less than or equal to 75% on a quiz, the student can elect to retake the quiz once up to a maximum score of 75%. Note that a retake is allowed only if you took the quiz in a timely manner and scored below 75%. If you missed the original quiz, you cannot retake it (in this case, the missed-quiz policy above applies).

The purpose of the retake policy is to allow students an opportunity to improve their skills. CS111 is cumulative, and we hope that giving students an opportunity to retake any quiz will help solidify the core concepts of the class.

Reflection Policy

Reflections are generally due Thursday at 11:59PM. This is a hard deadline. Any submission after the deadline will not be accepted.

PSet Policy

Under normal circumstances, failure to submit a pset code file before its deadline will result in zero credit for that code.

However, there are some extenuating circumstances (including health issues, family emergencies, travel for college-related events, etc.) under which students can request to submit a pset late. All such requests will be reviewed by the whole instructor team to make a decision. Such requests are more likely to be granted if (1) they are not submitted at the last minute and (2) they have support from the student's Class Dean.