Exams are graded collectively by the CS111 instructors. Many questions require us to use judgement, and we do our best to be both consistent and fair. If you think we made a mistake grading your exam, please come talk to us. Do not write on the exam at all if you will seek a regrade. We will consider the regrade and return the exam to you as soon as possible.

Problem Sets

Please see the Problem Set Guide for grading details.

Course Grade

Your course grade will be based on a weighted average of the following components:

At the end of the semester, we will compute a weighted average for each student and assign letter grades.

In general, the mapping from numerical score to letter grades looks like this:

Depending on the overall performance of the class, we may adjust this mapping.

The above information is intended to tell you how we grade. It is not intended to instill in you a preoccupation with point accumulation. We encourage you to treat points in this class as you would Monopoly money. If you focus on learning the material, the grade will normally take care of itself.