Lab 1: Part 5: Saving your work

At the end of every lab, you will save your work to your account on the cs server, following similar steps to what we did at the start of today's lab.

  1. Open CyberDuck and use your bookmark to connect to the server
  2. Navigate into cs111/
  3. Drag the lab01 folder from your desktop to the CyberDuck window so that it is uploaded into the cs111/ directory.

Here's a short video to show you how and where to upload your lab01 folder. The video starts after you have already logged yourself into via CyberDuck (in the video, we are logged in as cs111a, your window should show your own username).

Now you have a copy of the lab01 folder both on your lab computer's Desktop, and also your account on the server. This way, if you want to refer back to lab work at home, you will have access to your file.

(Note: When you turn in problem sets or exams, they will be uploaded in a different location— the your_username/cs111/drop/ folder)

You now have a copy of your lab work on the server, so you can now drag it from the Desktop of the lab computer into the Trash and then empty the Trash (Finder > Empty Trash). You always want to leave a clean Desktop before logging out.

Summary of what we did today

  1. Learned how to use CyberDuck and Canopy
  2. Wrote a bit of Python code getting user input and drawing boxes
  3. Saw how to use Codder to get code feedback before turning in your work
  4. Experimented with using cs1graphics and python
  5. Worked with a partner to achieve the above tasks

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