Lecture 1: Course Overview & Big Ideas


PDF files of the lecture slides handouts.


This chapter explains the cs1graphics library, which is used frequently in our course. It is important to read it as preparation for this week's lab and the first homework.


In order to run Python code during class, you will need to launch the Canopy 3.5 Python app:

(Do not launch the app named just Canopy; that loads the wrong version of Python!) The first time you launch Canopy 3.5, it will take a while to initialized your environment; be patient.

While Canopy 3.5 is loading, click on this lec_course_intro.zip link to download the .zip file to your computer. Unzip the downloaded lec_course_intro.zip file (by double-clicking on it) to reveal a folder with a few files we will use during lecture. Note that some computers may automatically unzip the file after you download it.

Here is a description of the content of the files in this folder: