Midterm 2 Review (lab materials)

There are two handouts that are useful for midterm 2 review, beyond the general review materials:

  1. We have a learning goals document, with all of the learning goals after what was covered in midterm 1 listed, along with space to write notes for each topic. We recommend that you go through the list, note down any goals you feel less comfortable with, fill in a few key examples or reminders about those topics, and then bring this sheet with you to the midterm as part of your notes.

  2. We have another set of midterm review problems along with solutions for those problems. We handed out paper copies of these in lab which is a good way to practice for the on-paper midterm; you could also print a copy yourself and/or fill it out electronically. These are intended to supplement the general review problems and you should not necessarily complete all of both review sheets, especially if there are topics you already feel confident about.