Exercises: Exercises 2: Functions

These exercises are spread across 3 notebooks (which are packaged together in the .zip file linked below):

  1. A_ex_lec_functions_foundations.ipynb for the Functions 1 and Functions 2 lectures.
  2. B_ex_lab_functions_printing focuses on printing, and will be worked on in Lab 2.
  3. C_ex_lab_functions_multimedia.ipynb which you will also ideally work on in Lab 2.

Remember that you must complete all of the weekly exercises outside of class time when (as will often be the case) there is not time in class to finish all of them. The goal is to make a solid start during class each week and then finish things up as part of your homework.

You should finish most of them before starting project 2 because they will help you succeed on that project.


Click on this ex02_functions.zip link to download the .zip file for this week to your computer. Unzip the downloaded ex02_functions.zip file (by double-clicking on it) to reveal a folder with the notebook file(s) for these exercises.


Once you have completed all exercises and the deadline has passed, you can find links to the solutions for each individual notebook via the Potluck dashboard.