Problem Set 10 - Due Wed Apr 27 at 23:00


  1. Slides and notebooks from Lec 21 (Intro to Recursion) and to some degree from Lec 22 (Turtle Recursion).
  2. Problems and solutions from Lab 11 (Recursion).
  3. Think Python, Ch. 5, Sections 5.8–5.10 on recursion; Think Python, Ch. 6, Sections 6.5–6.9 on fruitful recursion might also be useful although this week we are not doing any fruitful recursive functions.


The instructions for each task:

About this Problem Set

This problem set will give you practice with basic recursion, without needing fruitful recursion.

If you want to find a partner to work with for this problem set, use this Google Sheet to do so.


Time Estimate

Our per-task estimate for this pset is 2-4 hours, and our estimate for total time spent across all tasks is 5–8 hours, plus up to an hour of reading.

How to turn in this Problem Set