Problem Set 1 - Due Tue Sep 14 at 23:59

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Task 0: How to Ask Questions

On a typical problem set, we expect that you will have many questions. You may also have other general questions about the class outside of the problem set material.

You can seek answers to these questions from instructors during student hours, from tutors during drop-in hours, and from fellow classmates (as long as you don't discuss code with classmates).

Another important way to learn efficiently is to ask questions in our Q&A document, using our Q&A form. When you fill out the form, one of the instructors or tutors will copy your question into the document and answer it there. You can use comments on the document to ask follow-up questions.

There isn't actually anything to do for this "task," but we'd like you to take a look at the example questions and answers provided int he Q&A document already, and of course, if you have questions, please ask them using the form!

Tips on posting questions

Tips on email inbox management

We will post announcements to the class email lists, and some of these may be important for you to view in a timely manner. However, you will be getting a lot of email from different classes, clubs, the college, etc.