CS111 Problem Set 0

This problem set contains 4 administrative tasks.
Due: 7:00pm EST on Thursday, Sept. 9th, 2021.

Task 1: Request a CS Account

[Note: Most of you already did this, as requested in the email sent to you on 09/05/2021]
You will need an account on cs.wellesley.edu, the Wellesley computer science department server. We will often shorten this to "the cs server" or just "cs". You need this account to submit certain work in the course.

If you have a Wellesley domain account (all Wellesley College students do) and this is your first Wellesley CS class, then you must fill out this account request form.

This form will first require you to authenticate with your Wellesley username and password. If you have already taken a Wellesley CS course (e.g. CS115), then you do NOT need to fill out the form, but you must instead email Peter Mawhorter (pmawhort@wellesley.edu) and inform him that you already have an account but need it to be set up for CS 111.

Make sure you select "cs111" from the drop-down menu at the bottom before you press the "Submit Account Request" button at the end of the form; if you see a message saying "CAS Authentication failed!" after you log in, click on the link labeled 'here' on the line that says: "You may submit your request again by clicking here."

What if you are not officially enrolled in the class but hope to get in? Go ahead and fill out the account request form. If it turns out that you do not enroll, we will delete your account.

Task 2: Create a Gradescope Account

Gradescope is where we you will take CS111 quizzes and exams and receive feedback.

Task 3: Help us get to know you

This semester, we have about 120 students taking CS111 across four lectures and eight labs. Yeehaw!

Task 4: Review the CS111 site

Explore the course site, there's lots of information in there. Below are some particularly useful pages that you should read/familiarize yourself with.