This activity is associated with Lecture 21: Makerspace tools.

These are the slides that Dr. Okerlund used during lecture.

During class and outside you are going to write code in TurtleStitch to create an interesting design. Here are some requirements:

  1. At least one of the functions that you will create must be a recursive function.
  2. Your code should have at least one recursive function that you created yourself, instead of taking it directly from Dr. Okerlund's slides.
  3. Write a function that will draw your initials in the corner of the sketch.

You are allowed to work with a partner, if that partner is in your lab. Otherwise, you can work on your own. If you work with a partner, draw the initials of both of you through code.

What to submit?

  1. Take screenshots of your code, especially of each function you created. Put all the screenshots in a Google doc and explain what each function does. Include a screenshot of the image stitched by the turtle on the screen. Once you have everything, download your document as a PDF file and give it your name(s).
  2. When you print the drawing during lab, take a close-up photo of what you created.
  3. Upload the PDF of the code and the picture of the stitched embroidery in this Google Form.

In class, we will show some of the most creative and original designs that you created.