How to Submit your Homework

For each CS111 assignment, you are asked to submit both a hardcopy (physical pages) and a softcopy (electronic version).

Submitting a Hardcopy

Your hardcopy should include the following:

  1. A cover page indicating your name, the names of any collaborators, a statement that you abided by the CS111 course policies in completing the assignment, and the amount of time you spent on each problem. A cover page will be posted with every assignment.
  2. Your answers to any pencil-and-paper problems, with your name on each problem.
  3. Copies of any .java files that you have modified in the course of working on any programming problems. The problem set description will be explicit about which files to include. Each file should contain your name in a comment block at the start of the file.

Staple your packet of materials together with the cover page on the top. Submit your hardcopy package to Lyn Turbak by 5:00 PM on the date the assignment is due.

Submitting a Softcopy

Before submitting:

  1. Check that each file begins with a comment at the top that contains your name, the problem set, and the date. You may also include any general comments you feel would be helpful anyone reading/grading your assignment here.
  2. Check to ensure that all the files compile and run.
  3. Check that all the files have correct names, especially the .java files that you have modified (those are going to be graded). Pay careful attention to upper and lower case letters in the filenames.
  4. Rename the downloaded problem set directory to include your cs user name.

Uploading the assignment:

  1. Connect to the cs file server via Fetch (or WinSCP) using your account
  2. Double click on the cs111 folder in the window
  3. Double click on the drop folder in the window
  4. Double-click on the folder for the assignment that you are submitting, for instance if you are submitting problem set 2, double-click on ps02.
  5. Drag the project folder from the desktop into the Fetch (or WinSCP) window (the folder must be closed!). This is the copy that will be graded.
  6. If you have trouble uploading files, it may be because you have reached the limits of your cs111 file system quota. You will get an error message informing you that this is the problem. In this case, you need to delete some of your old files, either from your home directory or your drop folders (which are also counted toward your quota). To delete a file in Fetch or WinSCP, just drag it into the Trash.

How to check that you have submitted the right copy

Drag the folder back from the Fetch or WinSCP window to your desktop. Open the folder, compile and run your program.

Keeping a copy for yourself:

It is your responsibility to keep a personal backup of every file that you submit electronically until you have received a grade for the assignment.