CS111 Summer 2003

CS111 (Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving) is Wellesley College's popular introductory Java programming course. In summer 2003, we will be offering CS111 as an intensive four-week course (June 16 -- July 11). This co-educational course is targeted at college students but is open to graduating seniors and rising juniors and seniors from high school. The course has no prerequisites; no prior programming experience is assumed. The course is taught by Prof. Franklyn (Lyn) Turbak (lecturer) and Dr. Elena Machkasova (lab instructor), both of whom have won several teaching awards. This is an excellent opportunity to earn college-level Computer Science credit while learning how to program in an intimate classroom setting.

In CS111, students learn problem solving techniques and Java programming in the context of graphical microworlds in which they control simulated robots, draw complex pictures, and create their own animations. Topics covered include the divide, conquer, & glue problem solving strategy, object-oriented programming, abstraction, modularity, control structures, recursion, iteration, linked lists, arrays, graphics, and animation. Click here for examples of the kinds of problems we solve in the course and visit our gallery of student work.

We are also offering a second Java programming course on Data Structures (CS230) from July 14 -- August 8. The prerequisite for this course is an introductory programming course (like CS111). It is possible to take both courses this summer.

For details on registration, fees, etc., visit the Wellesley College Summer School site. If you have any questions about our summer Computer Science courses, please contact:

Franklyn Turbak
Associate Professor and Department Chair
Computer Science Department
Wellesley College
office: (781) 283-3049
email: fturbak@wellesley.edu
web: http://cs.wellesley.edu/~fturbak