Submitting Assignments with Cyberduck

Students sometimes have trouble submitting correctly using Cyberduck, so this page shows how to do that and how to check that you've submitted the correct files in the correct location.

  1. The first step is to make sure you have all of your files in one place, in a folder named after the problem set, and with correctly named files. Check the submission instructions in each pset for a checklist of files to submit and their correct names. Your desktop should look something like this:

    Screenshot showing Cyberduck open on the left, with a ps06 folder open on the right.

    In this exmaple of submitting problem set 6, we have a folder named ps06 on the Desktop, which contains the correct files. Note also that Cyberduck is open and we've navigated to the cs111/drop folder within our home folder (/home/pmwh for user pmwh).

  2. Next, drag the entire folder from either the Desktop or the Finder window on top of the drop folder to upload it as a new subfolder there. While dragging, this should look like:

    Screenshot showing a ps06 folder being dragged on top of the drop folder.

    Note that if you miss slightly while dragging, the ps06 folder may end up either within the cs111 folder, within another subfolder of the cs111 folder, or inside a previous submission foler within the drop folder. This is why you need to verify that things uploaded to the correct location.

  3. Cyberduck should ask you for your password, and then upload the files. Afterwards, things should look like this:

    Screenshot showing a completed upload window and a new ps06 folder within the drop folder that contains appropriate files.

    Note the "upload complete" message and that the ps06 folder is a direct subfolder of drop, and contains all files for the assignment.

  4. After verifying that the files were uploaded successfully, you can check that they're the correct version by using Cyberduck's quick look feature:

    Screenshot showing a right-click menu with 'Quick Look' highlighted.

    Sometimes people are working with multiple versions of a file (something that we do not recommend!) and submit the wrong one, or even submit a blank file that's just the starter code. Quick look can show you the contents of the file you uploaded to check that it's the correct one.