PS06 Reflection Due Thurs, Oct 25, 2018 at 23:59 EST

General Instructions

In this course we require you to complete a reflection following each problem set. A reflection consists of comparing your work to the solutions, answering questions about the learning process during the problem set, and other learning-related questions.

Reflections are designed to help you take an active role in monitoring your learning. Because we value the time and effort you put into a good reflection, you will also receive credit for completing them.

The process is more or less the following: read first the questions in the reflection form, study the solutions carefully, and then go back to the form to answer the questions.

In the reflection form, provide detailed answers, for example, by including code snippets from your assignment or from the solution to illustrate your point. Do not copy your entire solution in the form, we have your source code. Only select short snippets when explaining a particular aspect of your code.

Note that vague or very general answers will receive little credit, a missing submission will receive 0 points.

Answers for PS05 Reflection

Here are instructor answers for the reflection questions of PS05. You can use them as an example of how we expect you to answer reflection questions, but also to learn, since these answers aim to be exhaustive.

Reflection Form

PS06 Reflection will open a Google Form. Click "Back" on your browser to return to this page, or right-click on the link to open the form in a new tab.

PS06 Solutions Page

Link to the PS06 Solutions

This link is protected. Only current students enrolled in this class can access it via their own personal Banner ID (the B number that appears on your OneCard). Make sure to enter it correctly.