Lecture 21: Build your own webpage

The material in this lecture will not be covered on any pset or test, but it is useful to know!


We suggest that you skim the tutorials on HTML and CSS from the website W3Schools:

They are very interactive and fun, and you'll learn a lot.

For some amazing and inspiring examples of what can be done with CSS, check out:

If you like HTML and CSS and want to create sophisticated web pages, we also recommend the tutorial to learn Bootstrap:

HTML Files

  1. Simple webpage without any styling (CSS)
  2. The same webpage with minimal internal styling
  3. The same webpage with an external stylesheet

In class we will discuss how these pages work, how they can be modified and how you can create your own pages about yourself and host them in your CS server account for others to see.

.zip File With HTML and CSS Files

Click on the lec21_webpage.zip link to download the .zip file of folder containing the HTML and CSS files for easy editing.

Optional Materials on Web APIs

Here is some optional material on Web APIs = how to use Python to programmatically download data from other website. We won't have time to cover this material during Fall '18, but you might be interested in exploring it on your own.